LEVEL 3: Deposits

LEVEL 3: Deposits

Prevention of deposits on the pool's floor and sides


Microbe spores are carried in the air and get into every pool – including indoor swimming pools. A very hot summer, heavy rain or high activity can also lead to deposits in the pool. These deposits can have several different colours – including brown, red or black. The toughest to remove are the black deposits that can penetrate the pool's foundations. Removing these deposits requires both chemistry and elbow grease.
Other deposits may have a slimy surface that chlorine cannot penetrate.


Active Pool Pool Protector can prevent these deposits. Microbes suspended in the pool water are also removed, leaving the water clear and inviting. Active Pool Pool Protector is compatible with both chlorine and acid.


For continuous addition of Active Pool Pool Protector, to prevent deposits, a weekly dose of 0.5 dl per 10,000 litres is recommended. This is an indicative dose that should be adjusted according to the weather conditions and the use of the pool.

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5028 Activ Pool Pool Protector 1 L
Effectively prevents coatings on the pool’s bottom and sides...
5029 Activ Pool Pool Protector 5 L
Effectively prevents coatings on the pool’s bottom and sides...
5030 OxyPool Booster 1 L
For use in combination with OXY Pool Chock when the pool water is disinfected without the use of chl..
5034 WinterCare 1 L
WinterCare inhibits algae growth and prevents calcium precipitation. Activ Pool WinterCare does not ..
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