Cleaning accessories

Cleaning accessories

Cleaning and maintenance

To keep the pool water fresh and inviting, chemical care products are not enough. Effective filtration of the water via the pump system is also necessary, just as the physical impurities in the pool must be removed. Removing visible impurities reduces the need for chemical care of the pool water, and also reduces the wear on the pool's filter pump.

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1015 UVC Pool System 55W
Extended exposure time in 1 metre long reactor tubes. Simple to install and can be used for both swi..
1027 UV-C TL lamp 55 Watt
UV-C TL fluorescent lamp 55 Watt. Fits UVC Pool System 1015...
1048 PoolRaptor Pool Robot
Effective cleaning of the entire pool controlled by Smartphone • Cleans the bottom, sides and wate..
1054 Pool Robot Scooby
Focus-Flow suction concentrates all the suction power on an effective cleaning width of 50 cm. Extra..
1504 Pool Brush Standard 45 cm
Pool brush for cleaning the sides and bottom of the pool. High quality pool brush that cleans the p..
1515 Teleskopstang 1.2 – 3.6 meter
Telescopic bar 1.2 - 3.6 meters Standard aluminum telescope rod Necessary when cleaning plastic poo..
1529 Scrubber with Handle
Handy scrubber  coarse enough to remove dirt without doing damage the pool liner...
1549 Filter bag for Skimmer, 5 pcs
Prevents dust, pollen, hair, insects, etc. from getting into the filter tank. The bag reduces the ne..
1557 Vacuum Head TriVac
Weighted bottom vacuum head with at triangular design that makes it handy for getting all the way in..
1561 Surface Skimmer Pump
Surface water skimmer pump for steel wall pools with narrow edge and wilderness bath Surface water ..
1563 Filter for Surface Skimmer Pump
Filter for surface water pump Filter with thread..
1627 Premium Telescopic Pole Extra Long  1,5 - 4,5 meter
Extra thick telescopic bar 1.5 - 4.5 meters Extra thick aluminum telescopic rod - 1.1 mm. Necessary..
1639 Flipper Small Automatisk poolrenare
Designed for simple cleaning of free-standing pools, by quietly crawling around the pool bottom. The..
1900 Vacuum Cleaner Spa & Pool
Light weight equipment without any cables or hoses for spot cleaning in pools and hot tubs. With a s..
1916 Spa & Pool Vacuum Cleaner Automatic
All-in-one lightweight tool without wires and hoses for the targeted cleaning of pools and hot tubs...
5514 Surface Skimmer
Extra wide and powerful surface shimmer made of strong plastic. Resistant to the sun’s UV rays. Can ..
5515 Bottom Skimmer
Heavy plastic bottom shimmer with an extra large and deep net, designed for high resistance. Fits st..
7320 Pool Robot with brushes
"Focus-Flow suction concentrates all the suction power on an effective cleaning width of 50 cm. Extr..
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