Fittings and spare parts

Fittings and spare parts
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1017 By-Pass Kit for Heat Pumps
For controlling the water flow to the heat pump. Fixed installation. Contains 3 valves Ø 50 mm, 2 T..
1178 Skimmer Gasket Standard
Fits skimmer art. 1533.   EAN: 5704841011786..
1180 Skimmer basket
Skimmer basket for Skimmer set 1533...
1518 Hose connector White 1 1/2 "Ø32 / Ø38
Hose connection piece with male 1 1/2 "thread for connection of pool equipment with Ø32 and Ø38 mm h..
1519 Winter Plugg 1 1/2" White
Winter plugg 1 1/2" with thread and gasket for use in the pool return valve. The winter plug is fix..
1523 3-way closing valve
3-way shut off valve in heavy quality with 1 1/2 "thread   For manual flow control to the poo..
1524 Clamps stainless steel 4 pcs.
Clamps in stainless steel, for fastening pool hose on hose connector.   Clamps for mounting o..
1526 Winter Plug Expansion Rubber Ø32mm
Expansion rubber plug  for winterizing the pool.    EAN: 5704841015265..
1532 Electronic 3-Way Valve with sensors
For automatic flow control. For 38 mm pool hose.   EAN: 5704841015326..
1533 In-Wall Skimmer complete with return valve
Good quality in-wall skimmer in standard size. Complete with return valve, gaskets, suction plate fo..
1547Teflon Tape 10 Meter
For sealing the thread on valves and hose adaptors. Roll of 10 meter.   EAN: 5704841015470 &..
1555 Knife Valve for use on In-Wall Skimmer
Closing valve with treaded connection in one end and 38 mm connection in the other. To be fixed dire..
1556 Knife Valve for use on pool hose
Knife Valve for use on pool hose   2-way knife valve with barbed hose connection on both ends..
1572 By-Pass Valve Kit
Manual flow control.Turn off water flow through solar heater at night and on cold days.   For..
1583 Skimmer float door/flap
Skimmer float door/flap for skimmer set 1533...
1585 Elbow-hose pipe White 1 1/2 "Ø32 / Ø38
Elbow-hose pipe with 90 ° bending with male 1 1/2 "thread, for connection of pool equipment with Ø32..
1592 Valve for Steel Pool Wall
Valve for when the water flow needs to be led in or out of a pool with a steel wall.   The va..
1601 T-connector for hose 38 mm
T-connector 38 mm that distributes the water flow from one pool hose to two, or gather it from two p..
1610 Winter Plug Expansion Rubber Ø38 mm 1 1/2"
Expansion rubber plug  for winterizing the pool.   EAN: 5704841016101..
1615 Winter Plug Expansion Rubber Ø50 mm
Expansion rubber plug  for winterizing the pool.   EAN: 5704841016156..
1632 Valve for Wooden Wall with Wide Thread
For when the water flow needs to be led in or out of a pool with wooden wall (maximum thickness 48 m..
1640 Reduction Unit Rubber Ø38 to Ø32 mm 2 pcs
Reduction piece in black rubber that reduces the diameter of a pool hose from 38 mm to 32 mm. Pack o..
1648 Reduction adaptors Ø50 mm to Ø38mm
Pool Hose reduction adaptor to make it possible to connect a Ø38 mm pool hose to a Ø50mm glue fittin..
1910 PVC fitting 50 mm shut off valve 2-way
2-way shut-off valve with glue fit for checking the water flow. Made of strong PVC material. Diamete..
1911 PVC fitting 50 mm glue sleeve
For the coupling of 2 pipes or rigid hoses...
1912 PVC fitting 50 mm angle 90°glue sleeve
90 degree angle piece with glue sleeve for pipelines, eg. around a corner. Made of strong PVC m..
1913 PVC fitting 50 mm T-piece with glue sleeve
For connecting 3 pipe fittings.   EAN: 5704841019133    ..
1914 PVC fitting Union 50 mm-38 mm (1.5”)
For connection of 50 mm glue pipes with 38 mm threaded pipes. Made of strong PVC material.   ..
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