Season start

Most owners of permanent outdoor pools wait to start up the season until the nights are no longer frosty, which is typically in mid-April/at the end of April. (However, it is recommended not to turn on the water supply to the solar heating system until the beginning of May.)


First of all, the pool must be inspected for any damage. Inspect pipe systems, filter and pump and check that everything is in place on the skimmer drain/nozzles.
Filter cleaner is recommended to clean the filter sand.


If you have a permanent outdoor swimming pool without a winter cover, leaves, twigs, etc. must be removed from the water and any algae and leaves on the floor and sides of the pool must be cleaned off.


Covered pools must be topped up with extra water to the normal level. Pools without winter covers often do not need extra water to be added, due to the extra water volume from rain and snow during the winter.


After the pool water has been cleaned of leaves, etc. start up the pump and check the water's pH count (the optimum level is between 7.0 and 7.4). Adjust to the optimum level as required. If the pH count exceeds 7.4, add Active Pool PH Down. If the pH count is below 7.0, add Active Pool PH Up.


Check whether the sand in the filter pump needs replacing. The sand in filter pumps should be replaced every five years.
Perform thorough shock chlorination with Active Pool Chlorine Quick, Active Pool Chlorine SuperShock or
Active Pool Oxy PoolShock, and clean the filter at the return flow several times.


Then keep the water clean by checking pH and chlorine on a weekly basis, adding the necessary care products and cleaning.


Download the Poolcare flyer on season start, winter preparation and pool water problems here.  




Closing down


The pool season typically ends in mid-October, when it is time to close the pool for the winter.



Empty water from the solar heating system and sand filter, to avoid frost damage.



Tap approx. 1/3 of the water from the pool, to below the skimmer level.



Administer a strong chlorine shock with Active Pool Chlorine Quick or Active Pool Chlorine SuperShock.



When the chlorine content is down to 1-3 mg/l, add a powerful concentrated winter protection agent, to prevent deposits forming during the winter.



The pool can be covered with a winter cover. A winter cover needs to be regularly swept clear of any snow during the winter, to avoid damage to the cover, etc.



If you wish to use an outdoor pool in the winter, please note that very high circulation is required, to avoid frost damage to pipes, etc.


Calculating the water volume

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