LEVEL 2 A: Rapid-acting chlorine

LEVEL 2 A: Rapid-acting chlorine

For start-up, intermittent shock treatment and daily disinfection


At level 2 A, the water is disinfected – on start-up and if there are problems with the water.


A pool with clean and clear water is very inviting to swim in. However, particles of dirt, spores and bacteria are continuously being added to the water, and the bacteria count increases quickly in water over 20°C. This can be avoided by using Active Pool water care products to disinfect the water.


The amount of disinfectant required depends on the water's pH count, temperature and purity. Higher doses are necessary for warm water and for pools that receive high solar radiation. For high activity, and when several different elements pollute the pool water (leaves, grass, sun cream, cosmetics and hair), higher doses of care products are also needed.


Active Pool Chlorine Quick is a highly soluble granulate developed for everyday chlorination, with a chlorine content of 56%. When the chlorine is dosed correctly, the water in a pool that is used very actively will be kept disinfected by a chlorine content of 1-3 mg/l. Pools with normal activity are kept disinfected by a chlorine content of 0.5-1.0 mg/l. The granulate contains chlorine stabiliser that protects the chlorine from being broken down by the sun's UV rays. Chlorine Quick can also be used with Chlorine Long Tabs, as slow-acting chlorine.


The shock treatment can be given when the pool has just been filled, or if there is a specific problem, such as deposits or green and unclear water. Shock treatment entails that a higher dose of disinfectant than normal is added to the water, in order to effectively disinfect the water completely.

Unstabilised chlorine: Active Pool chlorine super shock calcium hypochlorite

If effective disinfection without the risk of chlorine lock is required, Active Pool Chlorine SuperShock without stabiliser can be used instead of Chlorine Quick. Active Pool Chlorine SuperShock has a high chlorine content of 70% and is delivered in practical 10-kg plastic tubs.

Chlorine-free disinfection with active oxygen

Active Pool Oxy PoolShock is a chlorine-free alternative to rapid-acting chlorine granulate that can be used for chlorine-free shock treatment of pool water on start-up, and for any problems with the water. Ideal oxygen value: 30-60 mg/l.

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